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From BMW world

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How’s it going folks. I came over from a 16 S1000RR. It was definitely a good bike, but this V4 is a monster lol. Power everywhere. Unfortunately, after 14 years of canyons and track days it’s a on ramp that jumps up and bites me in the butt lol. So I’m in the rebuilding stage. Looking forward to getting to know the Duc world.
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Not entirely surprised to see people come over from BMW. I think BMW has been spending too much time developing the adventure side of their motorcycle line up, leaving sport riders like us out.
Ducati taking the opposite approach should have been enough to signal to BMW what's in demand.
I've ridden the 2018 BMW s1000rr. Great bike and the 2019 model will be even better. Still prefer my V4.
I hear you on that.

I see those S1000RR's as a mid-range bike, often what Honda guys graduate to before stepping into Ducati territory, even more so with younger crowd for some reason. Older guys usually prefer graduating to Ducati, passing BMW along the way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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