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first service

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Hi Folks--

What did your first service cost? Mine was $600 (Speciale gets a special price, I guess)>
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Wow, that's expensive. Even in Australia, where costs are usually more than the US, it would be less.
lol... I don't know if there's anything the Speciale gets done apart from the V4S; but I would think it's the exact same thing?

Anyways, mine was just over $300 USD with Shell Advanced oil and filter plus tax included. Could have been a couple bucks cheaper if I brought my own oil and filter in but only like $6-$10 savings max. Highest estimate was from the dealership I bought it from quoted me $400 USD but I said no right away. The first service is 1.6 labor hours, I went to the biggest dealership in our area who has the highest per hour labor rate of $125/hr and gives me 10% off the labor cost so around $114/hr (which is still higher than any other around the area), and the first service also includes parts which are for oil change. So that should tell you exactly how much it should cost from your shop. Just look up the Ducati transparent maintenance chart for the V4, and the labor hours are listed so you don't get screwed by some shop wanting to charge you more because it's a "Ducati". All I know is when I called the most expensive shop they quoted me the official book amount right away, and it was 33% cheaper than another official/large Ducati dealer with a lower labor rate. Any shop that can't quote you the book rate is a shop you should avoid personally... of course if you have a good relationship with a shop owner and they cut you a deal based on actual labor hours, that's different (assuming they work fairly fast and efficiently on Ducs).
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The V4S and Speciale will be the same. Surprised it was so high.
I paid $350 . You got robbed ! I would ask for some money back or post the dealers name on the ripoff report . They either overcharged you or have a very slow and terrible tech working on your bike .
My V4S first service cost about $330 from MotoCorsa in Portland, OR. I dropped it off without calling ahead and they said it might take up to two weeks due to their backlog. They had it done in a week. No problems.
Service portland

These guys are good
Rocketman here from Idaho
With V4S
They fixed or rather replaced quick shifter
For me. Ducati wrong at first
So back and I said no bullshit from
Ducati. Replace it now
All done so put on akrapovic exhaust
What a kick.
Great place. Now in Sebring for winter
Fort Myers dealer couldn’t sell their tennis shoes
You got the best
They sell only Ducati’s that’s the big difference
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