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Euro 4 across all markets?

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Is the new Panigale V4 Euro 4 across all markets or different for North-America such as is the case for the 959 Panigale?
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Didn't really think of this until you brought it up. The Panigale V4's ride-by-wire and other things helps it stay within the constraints of Euro IV emissions regulations. I'd assume this wouldn't be changed across various markets.
I should have specified that I was focusing on "sound compliance".
The under-slung canisters on the Panigale 959 US version are not Euro 4. Most likely Euro 3.
Panigale V4 data sheet notes: "Only for countries where Euro 4 standard applies", which beg the question?
Ohhh sound compliance. I took a look at the data sheets for the U.S. and Uk V4 and the exhaust systems seems to be the same, so I'd assume there isn't any differences. Best to ask the dealer though.
The journalists didn't touch the topic. Not much difference between Euro4 and electric. I have a 2016 Monster 1200R that was Euro4.
First thing to go was the exhaust.
Doubt any journalist will look into such a specific topic, or maybe the lack of mention means there's really no difference between markets. I'm wracking my brain trying to figure this out to no avail. If you find anything and the V4 Euro4 compliance, let us know.
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Once the new owners start riding, we should get some feedback.
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