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I saw that and agree with the assessment, if you have a 1299/1199 it's probably not worth upgrading to unless you absolutely care about the performance numbers versus the torque for street riding.

I'm coming from a 959 so this will be a straight upgrade in both HP and Torque.
V4 or not - that is the question

My 1199 with full Akra and Rexxer ECU turns 208 HP at the crank according to Akrapovic. The torque is around 100.

My new bike (V4) claims 226 HP (at the crank) with the full Akra system with torque again around 100.

Speaking of which, I have 7,000 km track clicks on my 848. She has the 1098 cylinders mod and Pistal pistons(from DucShop) pistons all of which make for about 145 HP at the rear wheel so add maybe 1 HP -157 on the dyno.

Of all my track bikes the 848>1040 is the "funnest". She has drive out of the corners that the 1199 can't match, plus you get to put on a sideways show.

I bought V4 (+ full Akra) because it is simply the best production motorcycle in the world.

I will leave for another day the fact that ordered this god-damned thing last October - and STILL haven't taken delivery. 😡
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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