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Ducati V4 looks great in race livery

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Just wanted to share this collection of V4's with various race liveries. World Ducati Week is going to kickoff this weekend in Misano, and hopefully we get a chance to see some of the event.
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1st and 3rd are my favorites
How can anyone not like the Australian colours?
Really like the black and silver color scheme. Hopefully we see more sticker kits released in the future that take some inspiration from some of these designs.
Oh I also failed to mention that these bikes are being auctioned off after the Race of Champions event, and will have the riders autograph on the fuel tank. There will be 12 models in total and will be sold through eBay.
It looks like some of the bikes are already up for auction, and the prices are pretty staggering. Troy Bayliss' bike was listed for 120,300 EUR!
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That's crazy money to spend on a bike, regardless of who rode/signed it. I dig those liveries though. An aftermarket company should consider releasing something similar as a wrap/sticker kit.
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