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Ducati to introduce motorcycle radar system by 2020

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Ducati announced this week their plans to introduce a front and rear radar system for their bikes and to make cornering ABS available across their entire stable. These initiatives are a part of Ducati's "Safety Road Map 2025" plan, the companies strategy for improved motorcycle safety technology. This new radar based warning system would detect vehicles in a motorcycles blind spot, as well as alert riders of potential hazards. The forward radar system would allow for adaptive cruise control, and would warn riders of potential head on collisions. These systems are likely to be introduced on the Multistrada, as that's seems to have become their test bike for new safety tech.
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First question that comes to mind:
Will it interfere with police radars in any way?
I think its going to be more of a sensor system than an actual radar, like the police have. But its good to see that Ducati is at the forefront of improving rider safety.
Sounds similar to what cars have these days, those sensors that can detect cars in your blind spot and give you a signal of some sort. Can't imagine how useful it'll be depending on where they mount the warning signal.
It looks like its going to be a laser radar system, which I guess is similar to that of what police use. Suzuki just recently patented a similar system that they will be putting on their bikes as well.
There must be some sort of industry standard that allow how different radars operate to not interfere with each other. Something to the effect of channels like what you have on radios might be the case here.
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