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Ducati diagnostic equipment to do the logbook warranty service .

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Do you have to take the V4 back to the Australian dealer for servicing mine will be due soon for the first 1000km service.
The service book states you need Ducati diagnostic equipment to do the logbook warranty service .
I don’t want to take the bike to a Ducati dealer , I rather have RB racing do it, as they have done all my mods / servicing on all my bikes for years. they would use OEM parts oil filter & Shell Advance Ducati 15W-50 fully synthetic oil, the owner does great work!
But to eg reset the onboard service indication through the DDS 2.0 port / adjust exhaust valve through DDS 2.0
Do you need the Ducati diagnostic tools to do this! & to retain the warranty?
And of cause RB racing use diagnostic tools but i dont think they would have the Ducati software updates to load through the DDS 2.0 , what are your thoughts & suggestions!
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