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Ducabike Rearsets...

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Ducabike rearsets finally came in...


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Where did you get your exhaust cover done in Black? Looks great.
Drilled out the rivets ....and painted it myself...BBQ pit
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New rearsets look great, especially in that two tone finish. How are you finding the new riding position?
love it...there were a couple of QS issues in the upper most rearward position but through many ride/adjust iterations I have gotten everything fitted the way I like it. The shifts are so much crisper and more positive.
Any trouble putting on
Mine are on the way
Dukabike rearsets
Before with stock at the track I was not able to use my legs to stop sliding forward under breaking
Now breaking is very important on track or road
Wilh rearsets one is in a position to open throttle and brake. Your legs are tight to the tank so no sliding
Takes little time to get used to but hang on
Changed to motogp shift. Takes practice
All in all. I say if you ride this beast ride it like it’s meant to be
Throttle open and fly
Oh age 70 Lovin’ it
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