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Dainese Leather Pants & Jeans

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Selling some pants I've had sitting around for while. Price includes free shipping.

I take Paypal (friends & family), Venmo, Quickpay, or Zelle

Dainese Leather Race Pants w/ knee pucks (60EU) - $165 (I think these are the Delta model) - Never went down, never got to drag a knee, and no rips or tears. No smells, clean and in good condition.

Dainese D1 Jeans w/ knee armor (42) - $125 - Still like new condition. Worn outdoors maybe 3 times max. Never quite fit me right. No rips or tears, comes with the stock knee armor.

SA1NT Unbreakable Jeans w/ hip & knee armor (42) - $125 Like new condition. Wore these jeans once when I bought them and never got around to wearing them more. These are nice and heavy duty and come with stock hip & knee armor.

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