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Cylinders plastic cover info

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Hello guys. I need absolutely to remove the plastic cylinders covers. Can someone help me to understand what exactly must be done. Some video or pics. I would like to understand if is something that i can do by my self or is advisable to bring the bike to the garage. Thanks for your help
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If you are fairly mechanically competent it is easy. You need to either remove the fuel tank completely, or loosen it enough to lift the rear of it up and out of the way. The covers are held in by 2-3 either 2.5mm or 3mm Allen screws that are made out of metal that I can only describe as having the consistency of modeling clay. Make sure to use a square end Allen key as the ball-end type does not offer enough purchase and is guaranteed to strip them out.
You should be able to wiggle them out once the screws are removed. You may need to loosen the subframe but that’s not always the case. Be aware of the tee fitting in the fuel line and watch for the other hoses and electrical wires as well.
Slow and steady wins the race and your bike will look much more beautiful without those ugly covers.
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