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I'm from San Francisco. I've been riding Ducati since 2003, and riding motorcycles for over 35 years. I just moved to Italy and bought a V4S at the base of the Alps very near Venice. It's been my dream for many years to get back over here and ride these tracks and mountains. Within 2.5 hours drive of me there are just a few race tracks:
Mugello, Misano, Cremona, Adria, Pista di Fiorano at Ferrari in Marinello, Monza, & Imola. The Ducati Factory is about an hour away. And the Dolomiti Mountains with the most spectacular roads I've ever seen in my life are about 2 hours north. So I'm pretty excited for this Spring to spring.
On the way home Day #1

Roads here look like:


I used to ride my 848 on the Pacific Coast Hiwy as often as possible.

That's enough about me for now. What about you?
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