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Chatter and vibration

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Hi just purchased a MY21 Panigale and running in i expected clutter and vibration below 4000rpm
as rode a Monster in the past ,
above that it smooths out on light throttle opening, mine you haven’t been higher than 6000rpm
with just 300kms on the clock, today for the first time I opened up the throttle to 30-40% @ 5000 to 6000rpm and experience vibration , this normal didn’t hear nothing reading the reviews.
mode : sport
engine; medium
Can you please let me know what can I expect?
my others bikes have been 4 inline / inline triple and had Aprilia shiv a 750 V twin all them bikes were silky smooth no vIbration.
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I've come from a silly smooth BMWS1000RR inline 4 to a 2020 V4. It's a totally different feel and riding position. A lot more aggressive. A lot more vibration, especially at low speeds but I was expecting that as I owned 2 Ducatis before. This is a bike that has to be ridden fast.
Put more km on it and you'll get used to the vibey feel.
Hi EI thanks for your reply, the clutter and vibration is near gone now!!

Just had the first service 1000km service & bit the bullet & had the Ducati/Akra racing slip on kit with map fitted by Ducati, with all DB killers out!
And Wow its a different bike, like night & day apart from the Moto GP V4 soundtrack , On the street its not too loud riding normal, but does roar up top!!
Switch the ignition on & a racing logo message is displayed.
The mapping is the key! engine vibration is near gone its butter smooth @ low /high rpm , the bike is much easier to ride in traffic & happy under 4000 low rpm & now can adjust setting for instant throttle response ( abrupt if you want it to be )
Big difference noticed in that tall first gear is when Taking off, more torque much easier to pull away with out labouring or loading up the cutch & now power wheelie's effortlessly in first gear from around 4000 & all then hell breaks loose above 8000.
For a brand new bike I think its an definite investment adding resale value & the ease of no hassles if any problems occur due eg warranty being a Ducati part & fitted & tuned by Ducati.
I have been looking at all the options, costs of aftermarket kits & history with my other bikes currently own an 2018 GSX R1000R caused some headaches & rework, re dyno tuning ,time wasting etc.
So am very very happy!

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Interesting. I may go for the Akra racing slip-om.
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