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Bucking and TC light while tooling along

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Had some weird handling a few days ago.

Bike had been running great, got stuck in stop and go traffic on way up canyon; we get going, maybe 30-40 mph in 2nd gear, and all of a sudden I get this shuddering and vibration, almost a bucking. My first impression was that I had a flat spot on my rear tire (tires are of course perfect). The amber traction control bar flashed a few times while juddering. Pavement was smooth and dry, not cornering or anything, fractional throttle (smooth but slow traffic). Bike felt like it was "fighting" itself. I gave it gas to sort of clear it up and then pulled off and "rebooted" a couple times when I got to a safe spot. Mode was Street default but with DWC set to 8. Bike did not seem like it was trying to shift and DQS has been working for me.

Any ideas?

Took it in for the first service a couple days ago. No codes, nothing found, all sensors reported working. Could not reproduce. They did update the software since there was an update available. I haven't picked it up yet.

I know it looks bad to come on and have the first report be negative. I've had a couple small issues but overall this is the best bike I've ever owned.

ETA: V4S with suspension at stock but fork and shock were at -2.
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This is the first I'm seeing of these kinds of issues. Always fun to try and diagnose a problem that can't be replicated. Let's just hope it doesn't occur again. Have you been back out on it?
My dealer left a message saying there was a service bulletin for the rear wheel speed sensor wiring and possibly sensor replacement. No idea if it could be related, but it's at least plausible. Weather's gone to **** and work's in the way so no testing for a couple weeks.
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