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Good morning from the U.S. east coast. I have a 2018 V4S and track the bike about 3-4 times a year. Meaning I don't want to go full blown track bike. I still like to ride her on the street from time to time. I'm looking at different brands of track fairings brands I'm looked at and results are in my list below. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on this subject. Fitting, tail and headlight issues, tank cover, direct air intake, ground clearance, etc. These are the three retailer I've looked at so far. I'm staying away from full carbon due to the high cost.
1. Ducati Omaha; have stock unpainted fairings but they do not sell unpainted lowers for the stock exhaust
2. Bikesplast; have a nice set of unpainted fairings but the air intake and tail light housings either need to be changed or modified. Racing Fairing Kit – Ducati V4 2018 – BIKESPLAST
3. MotoXPricambi; many different sets of painted an unpainted fairing for street and track. Again unsure about the taillight and air intake. Ducati Panigale V4 -V4 S - Speciale 2018 - 2019
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