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Annual service

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Has anyone taken their bike in for the annual service! The light came on, brought it in and was astonished at the cost. They said they changed the oil, a process that counted for 4 hours of labour. They did some software updates as well. When asked they stated it had to be done to maintain the warranty. I could change my own oil! If anyone has a service manual and would like to enlighten me with the services needed to be done it would be appreciated. I asked, and it sounded like an oil change and software update, not even a change of brake or clutch fluids. Again, I could do this but they said it was only a top up. Crazy!
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The first annual service (7500miles) for the V4 should be 2hours (20 Labor Units) plus oil, filter, washer. Unless it requires a Desmo intervention (7hr 36mins or 76 labor units). But yes your 7500 mile service is just an oil change plus a bunch of look over on the bike. I will try and get the actual work checklist if I can find it. As for the hours, Ducati transparent maintenance chart clearly lists how long all services are for each bike so as long as you go to a dealer they should quote you the appropriate hours (then multiply by the shops hourly rate). Total cost for the 7500mile initial annual service is usually around $300-$350; I suggest bringing your own oil to save a couple bucks.
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