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Fitted the Rizomas up with new carbon heel guards I purchased of a seller over eastern states in Australia the guards are a good finish and allot cheaper than allot of over seas offerings plus it's local to Australia just had to drill out the holes a smidge no big deal.
Brought a comfort seat and without a doubt a great & best purchase so far as I have the suspension fairly stiff so it really takes the jarring out.
I have only put 30Klm with the Rizomas so cannot comment I may have to adjust them to the bottom rear set of holes yet but they sure are finished well got them ex east also from Mornington Ducati in Qld great service check'em out.

Also I am now using a new polish called Fully Slick by Bowdens man it puts a shine better than Mr Sheen absolutely glows about $26/Au a bottle, you get just a glimpse of the shine in the seat pic of the tanks left side in the shade the bike really gleams in the sun. P.S that's a bug splat on the swing arm not a scratch......:surprise:


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