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All that is left is the carbon tank...

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Until someone makes an exhaust that I fall in love with, I think the carbon tank will be my last big purchase for a while


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Wow the bike is looking fantastic Alex. Are those all full carbon fiber fairings, or did you have them wrapped?
Full carbon i'm afraid... thanks
Looking great! How about carbon wheels?
Any idea how much weight you've saved with the new fairings? Can't have been cheap to get the bike to where it is, but it was well worth it.
Just make sure you inspect the clear coat to ensure its adequate for the level of sun exposure you'll be putting it through. Wrapping with clear film might be a good idea.
Tank, Akra exhaust, and belly pan en route now. Either BST or GASS wheels will have to wait for a bit...
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I was always a fan of those RS-A's. Have you decided on which color to get for your V4 if you go GASS??
Was thinking gold initially but I think it may be too much, the titanium are effing awesome looking and a little more subdued step closer...
where'd you get some of the stickers... I need some for mine :)
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