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Akrapovic V4R full exhaust, same as V4 version?

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My local dealer tells me both are the same - even though the engines are different on the V4R vs the V4.

Is this possible?

V4R full exhaust part number is 9648182C, and V4 full system part number is 96481381A, "part numbers are just superseded" answer also from dealer. Are they just trying to sell me the V4 exhaust they have in stock?

Trouble is that I have to deal with them so that the ECU reflash is handled by them.
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Yes, this is the same exhaust. I have purchased it at the time I have bought my V4R. I am also listening to them telling me it fits. I did get a chance however, to talk to Ducat NA as they were at the V4R unveiling and they also told me it would be the same exhaust. If the item doesn't fit, and you bought it from the dealer, it will be on them. Dont forget to get the lower fairings as well.
Do keep us posted on if it fits because as you can guess that will benefit the rest of us wondering about going this route.
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