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Bike has been operating well
V4 2019 Speciale
Went to start abs dtc error flashing on dash
Fans not working
Found BBS fuse blown
As I was replacing the fuse it blew straight away again
Nothing has been changed or dismantled
Very strange
Anyone had this issue and what was the solution

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I still haven't worked out why
Disconnect all sensors to the BBS and the fuse still blew
Disconnect the BBS and traced all the wiring to each sensor and check impedance
No issues
Place the fuse in and it didn't blow
Reconnected BBS without fuse power still want to go to the BBS with key off when check with test light
Replaced the BBS problem gone
Only have to synchronise BBS with ECU with dealer and scan for error
Very strange
Let's us know what you find
I'm not convinced it has won't happen again

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I have a 2018 V4 purchased April 2022 with 1780 km
Now 6500 km obviously sat a long time
Cold start mid winter hard to start. Changed from 98
To 95 fuel then experienced the surging after riding and stop start hot but ok.
Replaced all fluids due to age not km tyres and fork seals. Acceptable after sitting so long.
engine perfect and electronics until 6000 km suddenly started getting fuel starving and suddenly power returned violently intermittently DQS replaced 12 km later same again plus fault codes for DTC, DQS, DWC, DSC, all in red intermittently
Cleaned fuel tank, check wiring and earth and battery shop tried O2 sensor still no change so frustrated please someone must know why ?
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Inspect the fuse box RH side front of battery
Look for 15A fuse named BBS
If blown replace it
If it blows again with the key off the BBS module has probably gone to ground
Just remember the radiator cooling fans are connected to the BBS
You will need to replace the BBS module LH side near the fuel tank
Before I replaced my BBS I had inspect all the wires from the BBS connection plug for ground with a test light. This required some unplugging of devices before hand in reference to the wiring diagram
Also verified the impedance with and without device connected
Could not find a fault
Install new BBS and the 15A fuse
You have to get the BBS synchronise to the ECM or you will not have the odometer display
After all that I have the two triangle display on the dash RH side indicating reduced DTC
I ridden the bike for about 15min and the display is still the same
I dismantled the old BBS
It had blown the copper track off the bottom of the circuit board
Don't know what had caused this to happen
I am in the opinion there is some fault and their is inadequate protection for the BBS
And it appears to occur when the bike has not been ridden
I start the bike up every month
This failure occurred after 14mths

If you find the answer let us know
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