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A few things.

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I love the bike however a few things have come up. I have a Pitbull stand, used it for my 848. In comes the V4, and I need a new pin. My dealer does not have any in stock so they order one. A few weeks later I get home and attempt to place the pin in the wheel. It does not fit, I have no idea why. I go back to the dealer and they get a bike on the showroom floor where the pin fits just fine. Several techs come out to look at my bike and they find the spindle is actually bent on my bike. A call to Ducati Canada from the dealer will lead to a warranty repair tomorrow.

Washed the bike yesterday before going out. I have not taken the bike out for the last 8 days. I attempt to start the bike, it turns over but will not start. Try 3 more times, the engine turns over but won't stay on. Shut the bike off, walk away for 30 seconds, start it again. This time it starts and stays on.

Start my ride, and 2 minutes in, the left grip starts spinning in my hand as if I gained a second throttle. As well, I could feel something loose. Look down and find the plastic piece to the right of the handgrip has loosened itself and is moving back and forth on the handlebar. I'm pretty sure this is not the case. When I get home, I look for the battery tender lead, as I will charge it overnight. A demo at the dealer had a lead to the right of the headstock I'm sure. Anyways I cannot find one.

Get up this morning, find the handgrip has now tightened itself. I could move it but takes a great deal of force. I go to the dealer and advise of the other things I found. They will look into them tomorrow as well. I look at the demo bike and yes, it has the battery tender lead jutting out the right side of the tank by the headstock. I speak to one of the techs and he tells me the bike does not come with a battery tender lead as there is no place to put one. I ask about the demo and find out it should not be there as it gets in the way of the steering. When it gets sold, before safety, the lead will have to be moved. A new bike should not have to have the battery charged after a week, should it.

Finally, after a really good ride, the gas light came on at 126km. I know, I have a sport bike, 211hp, a suite of electronics, one of the fastest bikes out there. I also know there are some tradeoffs but my 848 gas light came on about 160-170km travelled. Anyone else get the gas light come on so soon. The bike has approximately 2500km now.


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I have ran the bike fully out of gas . Be advised that riding under moderate to heavy throttle you have roughly 23miles left in reserve after the gas light comes on . At least that is what I got out of mine before she completely died .
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An update. Took the bike to the dealer, everything has been fixed.
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