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@500K+ Sat/Sunday

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A group of us went away for the weekend to a place called Walpole (Wall-Pole) its in the South West of our state and has great stands of tuart trees the best part is the road as I live down here its my type of country.
It is klm after klm of winding roads we took in Northcliffe as well and discovered a road their that tested ones ability to read the road amongst the shadows cast by the trees slowest corner sign posted were 60klms Hr highest was 75klm Hr.
Needless to say we observed (Not really) the posted signs as they were black & yellow so information only but did show us the way the corner was going.
Total windy roads sections done from Manjimup/Northcliffe/Walpole 169.8Klm's one way!!!! just shy of getting my fuel light.....

It certainly kept you on your toes and ws the first real test I have put my V4 "S" though my friend was on his MT09, his wife on her 1200 Suzuki Bandit & myself there was another rider on like a Motard but we left him behind.
All I will say is it was pretty intense going into a corner at speed knowing which way it went but it was disappearing over a crest had some interesting moments, but it taught me that the V4 can handle badly rippled surfaces pretty good.
I had Fixed Custom suspension in Sport mode with dynamic engine we were not pussying around this is a reasonably wide road well you can fit 2 way traffic on it but I would not want to meet a truck going the other way.:eek:
I passed the motard dude at 206kmh but then went down into this well gully type thing and at the bottom of it it actually forced my head down towards the tank as I hit the bottom of it after that it was 5-6th gear wringing its neck.
I had my friend carry my back pack in his Super Motard so I could get out and play as I got caught once on my 848 at 205kph with a backpack on and the turbulence it caused actually pushed me over the centerline on a straight road so I backed off.
We had some good stories about the run down and the Northcliffe Fang over some ales and meals at the hotel/motel where we stayed we intend to revisit that road again. Sunday a Kangaroo decided to cross the road in front of the 1-2nd riders I was 3rd so had a grandstand view ofthe event. All good the roo survived and we went back to the twisty's....

Anyway this is me leaving home at @8:30am Saturday its from my I-phone so not the best it took me 2 hours to wash all the bugs off it today and another hour polishing it with Silcolene.
I use Nanoliscious wash and recommend it the bike after being chamied off is silky smooth its the good gear though a bit pricey but the bikes worth it.
Thanks fella's I am planning a ride into our wheatbelt shortly will take some happy snaps those wheatbelt roads are excellent for well lets say reasonable lack of Constables & cameras so higher speeds are attained its just the wildlife......!


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Sorry fella's there is an error in my post it was my friends Ducati Multistrada to me those dual purpose bike all look the same my apologies for defaming the Ducati name.:(
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