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Hi All,
Have experienced of a few occasions when using the quick shifter it has missed a gear & grinded while shifting!
@ low rpm (4-5)
On the first 1000km service, asked if it could checked , dealer told was all ok no faults.
Also had the Akra race slip on + map fitted by Ducati @ the first service.
Now had around 1500kms riding in race A mode for the first time with all the switchable off electronics off ,
DWC /DTC to off & have ABS front wheel only & attempted a full throttle run . launched off the start rolled on to full throttle & around 8-9rpm the electronics took over cutting the power as soon as the front wheel starts to lift @ the same time i changed up to 2nd gear & bang grind away missed gear! :devilish:
Any one else had this! , just done a engine oil/ filter change to make sure their is no metal shaving!
Please Help!
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