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Originally Posted by brazeagle View Post
I have a base V4, I came out from a Supersport S, which I really enjoyed for the little time I had it. The day I test ride the V4 base, I felt in love, so my Supersport S went on a trade in.

The V4 base is the way to go if budget is tide (my case), also the base has a lot in electronics and performs pretty crazy well.
The V4S, the one I almost purchased, was 5K (USD) more and my good friend, Ducati specialist, racer and sales person told me this:
If you are not taking it to the track, why would you buy a V4S? no need (in my case) as I did not want to spent a lot of money and wil probably not track anymore (52 yrs of age and done that for years).

So, the BASE V4 is the way to go, its a fantastic motorcycle, I am loving it and besides all, it is not that bad in terms of comfort, except the HEAT, everything else is the best.
I'm about to do the same "mistake" and test a v4 out this week while my Supersport S is getting serviced. Feel free to pm me, but can you fill me in on the differences. How bad is the heat vs your supersport?
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