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So I just got back from the dealership had all 4 out of the 5 remaining recalls taken care of today (the gas tank was already done from before). It took 2 hours total from drop off to pick up. Each of the 4 tasks was 0.3 hours labor (that's how much Ducati is reimbursing I guess). The side stand was a just a check of some magnet piece and mine didn't need it replaced so it's checked off too; but they still put 0.3hrs labor lol. I'm not sure what the clutch kit did maybe someone out there can chime in; but for some reason it does feel like I don't have to completely close the clutch to engage anymore (can put a finger in between which I really couldn't do before). Also not sure what the ECU software update was for since it had an ECU update from my initial service when he read the diagnostic tool and said it needed one. Strangely enough my quickshifter seems to be working a lot smoother than before lol... I thought I was just imagining it so tried various shifting low rpm/high rpm, slow/fast upshift and no more shifter fighting me back (I never had the QS fail like some others stated from possible overheating); I did have it jerk or struggle on shifts at low rpm or slow acceleration but on the ride home nothing like that. But this could just be a coincidence and my imagination
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