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Originally Posted by Bikeman View Post
Any idea when you'll be getting the rest of the recalls done? Did they give you any sort of time frame on how long it would take to complete them all?
I actually went into the dealership to sort this out yesterday when I needed to finish up my paperwork because they messed up something :P

I have things scheduled for this Monday, July 9th; they could see it Sunday but weather is supposed to be nice so... I can wait.

They said they had all the parts already except for the side stand; but stated not all bikes need the part changed and it's just a check to see if it does need it replaced. If it did apparently the part wouldn't come in until August 1st at the earliest but bike wouldn't be sitting in the shop waiting for it of course. And since the other parts are already in; it will take but a couple hours he said 2-3 at the most.

So far all my service experiences on the bike and at 2 different dealerships have been good experiences... usually same day walk-ins. Just hope this one goes well.

Oh on the plus side because they messed up my paperwork apparently, my warranty gets to be pushed out a month so free extended warranty lol

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