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I can only speak on #1... but basically air/oil filters for performance gain basically reduce the actual filtering so it can just let more air in. On the Panigale lineup I've heard wonders with some of the air filters but realistically it can't be more than say 0.5% to 1% gain in hp; but unless I was actually racing competitively I would never see the benefit of the small performance gain for the wear and tear on the bike itself but I guess all those small hp gain adds up especially when talking about bikes. I prefer oem filters for the most part; except for my older cars (as new oil filters allow my oil to last 3x longer than oem).

Question on your Akra system... will the bike still be covered under warranty if anything happens w/ the system? I was at the shop with an engine code and they said if I installed any aftermarket parts that caused it then it wouldn't be covered. Was just curious.
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