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I experienced this two days ago at the track, a bunch of times and had to abort my sessions because of it. It happened during heavy throttle in 3rd and 4th gear on straights at around 10k+ RPMs. It felt like the gas was interrupted for a split second each time, like the engine was starved or gurgling, sometimes in a quick series of interrupts. It was unsettling to me and the bike (it's very much not good to have your bike unexpectedly slow down on the racing line in the fast group but thankfully I had no incidents). I know very well what traction control, wheelie control, and rev limiter interventions look and feel like and this was something different. The engine just cuts power for a split second and stutters at high RPMs.

Interestingly, this only happened on my 3rd and 6th session of the day, when I was fairly low on fuel. After I aborted the 3rd session I refilled my gas tank and turned the DQS off then on again and sessions 4 and 5 were fine. Then in Session 6, with low fuel again, on the first straight this happened so I pulled into the pits and called it a day.

My bike has all the software updates and charcoal canister removed and I took it into the shop yesterday for a fix. The tech spit balled some ideas with me and thinks it could be related to the inline valve in the vacuum line that fed the canister, or an issue with the gas tank, and is probably not an issue with the quick shifter sensor. I also don't think it's that sensor as the cut felt different from a shift cut. But we'll see. As I learn more, I'll report back with details.

Aside from this, the bike is an absolute violent, fast, wild animal on the track and I loved it in every way.
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