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Originally Posted by oleary View Post
Words cannot describe my frustration.

Delivery is now next Thursday, ....

.... because we must now install a few bits of plastic that will allow some folks to sit in front of Starbucks wearing their flip-flops and shorts with the engine running - indefinitely.

All of which I will promptly remove the minute I get the bike home.

The problem is simple, Ducati has tried to make a MotoGP bike into a Starbucks Cruiser.

And it ain't workin' - much to NO-ONE'S surprise.

Clearly, there is not a single human being in the whole Volkswagen/Audi/Ducati organization who understands the basic Laws of Thermodynamics.

Ducati seems to think that they can tweak the software and wave around a few bits of plastic and all the heat generated by 226 horsepower "magically go away".

As soon as I get the bike home I will replace all the "Ducati performance software" with David at Rexxers stuff.

And then I will remove the little black plastic flappy valves, cheap black plastic cylinder covers and all the other crap that Ducati thinks will allow this bike to sit at a stoplight idling forever without catching the Starbucks Princesses' panties on fire.

Would really appreciate it if you could post with pictures on how to remove all these bits.
All of us who are not very good with their hands, but will use the bike for what it was designed for will really be happy!

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