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Words cannot describe my frustration.

Delivery is now next Thursday, ....

.... because we must now install a few bits of plastic that will allow some folks to sit in front of Starbucks wearing their flip-flops and shorts with the engine running - indefinitely.

All of which I will promptly remove the minute I get the bike home.

The problem is simple, Ducati has tried to make a MotoGP bike into a Starbucks Cruiser.

And it ain't workin' - much to NO-ONE'S surprise.

Clearly, there is not a single human being in the whole Volkswagen/Audi/Ducati organization who understands the basic Laws of Thermodynamics.

Ducati seems to think that they can tweak the software and wave around a few bits of plastic and all the heat generated by 226 horsepower "magically go away".

As soon as I get the bike home I will replace all the "Ducati performance software" with David at Rexxers stuff.

And then I will remove the little black plastic flappy valves, cheap black plastic cylinder covers and all the other crap that Ducati thinks will allow this bike to sit at a stoplight idling forever without catching the Starbucks Princesses' panties on fire.

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