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To follow up, I have about 500 miles on it since the service where they replaced the fluid. The clutch has not gone soft yet, but maybe the free travel has increased a few mm, which is hard to tell without precise measurement before and after. I am not convinced the problem has gone away since the riding conditions have changed (it's a lot colder now), but before they did that I was quick-bleeding it every about 300-350 miles.
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I also haven't been able to ride it since I got mine back due to the weather
DNA has a service call to make in March once it warms up to follow up.
So far what's been done to the clutch:
@1200 miles recall on Brembo clutch kit replacement
about a week after brought it in for clutch fade, bled clutch (felt good leaving but faded again quickly)
another week complain about clutch fade, they ordered a new clutch pump (took approximately 3 weeks for part)
after clutch pump replaced, fade began maybe 2-3 weeks later, eventually clutch was at max adjustment
I chose to replace levers at this point just to try (not to expect much but also so they couldn't blame the levers by now)
Called DNA for multiple issues and included this to be resolved; they did more recall work and as for the clutch they replaced the slave cylinder.
I have not been able to ride it except the ride home for a couple of miles, like after any previous clutch work felt just fine... temperature was in the low 50 degrees F. Oh and the quickshifter felt EXTREMELY smooth like it was when I first got the bike, so maybe there is something up with the QS and heat... I'll try to ride it this weekend for a bit.
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Also, to follow up, my local Ducati race shop is ready to install the Brembo RCS master pump as soon as I tell them "go." The levers are shorter don't end up with quite the same geometry as the stock ones, and the reservoir would have to be mounted differently. If my issue comes back I'll give Ducati one more go at it and if that doesn't fix it, I'll just go to the RCS pumps for a once and for all fix.
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Having the exact same issue after the first 450 miles. Could barely get the bike to the dealership by the 600 mile first service, despite all current recalls being applied before taking delivery. Very frustrating!
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I had the same problems and huge problem with heat, ended up trading it in on a new monster 1200R and could not be happier!
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