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Thanks Zak we here in Australia or at least on the West coast do not know about the Easteners we can filter traffic as long as they are under 30kph so its ok for us to pull in between them at stop lights and quick getaway.
I reckon only a goose would want to filter mobile lounge rooms on the move as we have all seen cars that suddenly decide the other lane is faster and just cut across because mirrors are for make up only...
And it would be my luck that if I got hit it would be by a shmuck in a $300 Anglia with no insurance and yes I have been cleaned up by a car quite badly they failed to stop at a stop sign and sailed right across the road.
My plan throw the bike away as they would have T-Boned us causing possible loss of Rt legs (Fiance on the back) as it was my helmet was jammed under the cars diff along with me not to be repeated I am glad I got through bit banged up but ok.

I agree with Steve on the number plate hider just like ghost plates on cars get you into some very deep doodoo huge fines loss of license, possible jail depending on your history, impounded car or car crush depending on your previous history..
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