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Panigale V4 Insurance

Hi, I am a new forum member and considering buying a new V4. I am OK with the cost of the bike itself but a bit put off by what my current insurance company (Progressive) wants to charge for the V4.

I currently own a 2014 Monster 1200 and a 2014 HD Softail and I pay $400/year for both. The quote I have from Progressive is just over $1,600/year for the V4 ALONE! This just seems ridiculous to me for a bike that will sit in a locked garage 6 out of 7 days.

I know insurance varies greatly based on zip code in the US but what are current owners doing? Are you paying these higher rates for the V4? Are you buying the bikes outright (no financing) and not insuring them? Some other solution I have not considered?

I appreciate you input!

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