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Ducati DQS on V4

How does DQS on the v4 work? For example, on 4th gear @ 14k rpms near redline, can you downshift to 3rd then 2nd without having to worry of over revving the engine? Does the computer auto-compensate when auto blipping?

Because with older bikes, you have to be within the rpm range when blipping in order to downshift properly without damaging the engine, otherwise it will "overrev".

I hope my question makes sense!
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I donít know about over revs but the DQS, once you use the clutch and start moving in 1st, allows you to shift up and down without using said clutch. Smoother above 4K revs but works at lower revs too. Once you get used to it , youíll never want to go back to using the clutch. Street, track- great on both.
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Why would you want to down shift at 14,000 RPM the bike redlines at 14,300 if it was successful it would probably spin a shell if it did not lock the rear wheel under compression lock up I for one would not even contemplate doing that on my V4. Down shift at say 9-10000 feasible but at 14000 not recommended besides truth be known on paper the V4 develops max power & torque at 13000 so you gain nought by going to 14000+ the Q/S is that good
that engine gobbles up the gears as fast as you can get them into it, I shift at @13600 so your pretty close to max power when the shift is completed....
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