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Originally Posted by German4rings View Post
5000 miles seems pretty standard on what I have seen in the past for my superbikes . 1098s and 1199s. Not sure what other people experience has been but I think your mileage is inline with “normal” wear and tear for mileage. How about your tires ?what did you get out of the rear tire ?
Tire wear is phenomenal so far; 6900 miles and almost due for a change on the rear, like I said mainly street riding some backroads on the weekend rides. The way I ride I can definitely see 8000 miles out of the rear. I'm basing change requirement based on the manual (2mm from tread depth), and not necessarily to the wear bar, as the wear bar does not seem to be 2mm (correct me if I'm wrong). If I were to go to the wear bar I'd say at least 8k miles. Sides would be dependent on how often I go backroads and use up the sides, but I ride this is a daily commuter plus weekend bike right now. Which is why I'm asking about the brakes, as I would like it to be closer to the lifespan of the tires for me.
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